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Which grandstand in Jerez has the best view? The answer is simple. All of them! The VIP Grandstand offers panoramic views of the main straight, the grid and the finish line. From the grandstands around the circuit, you'll be able to see the corners, the high-speed battles and the adrenaline-pumping overtaking manoeuvres. The natural grandstand offers an atmosphere you won't find anywhere else. The Grand Prix at the Circuito de Jerez - Ángel Nieto is one of the most visited races on the calendar. Don't wait to buy your tickets.

Grandstand W3

From the grandstands, you will watch the drivers take to the circuit's key passage - the very fast Alex Crivillé and Ferrari corners. These are some of the tightest corners in the entire championship. This corner has been replaced by a chicane for FIA motor racing for safety reasons, but MotoGP still keeps it. There are plenty of dramatic moments to enjoy!

Grandstand X0, X2 and X3

X0, X2, and X3 grandstands are hot commodities! They have a relatively small capacity but are right along the Alex Crivillé corner - one of the most dangerous sections in the entire MotoGP championship. You won't be bored for a minute here. 

Grandstand X0 is the smallest one, and it's located right in the corner. Due to the escape zone, it's the furthest from the track out of those three. 

Grandstand X2 is located right at the entrance to the Alex Crivillé curve. The riders are as close to the spectators as possible at that moment. 

Grandstand X3 lies along the straight between the Peluqui and Alex Crivillé curves. 

Grandstand X1

This grandstand is directly in front of the Ferrari corner - the fastest corner on the entire Jerez circuit and one of the fastest in the championship. History is often taken place here, especially in the final laps. This is the last chance for the drivers to improve their position before entering the steep final corner. The grandstand has modern facilities, with a bar and restaurant on the ground floor. 

Grandstand A10

The small mobile grandstand is located right at the steep last corner and has a view of the approach from the Ferrari corner and the finish line. Especially in Moto3 and Moto2, where it's often down to every thousandth of a lap, you're likely to see plenty of thrilling moments here. 

Grandstand VIP

This stand is not called VIP by accident. Here you will be able to watch the starting grid of all categories, and you will have a great view of the pit lane and the action on the pit lane. Opposite the grandstand, there are big screens, perhaps not very needed here as there's still plenty of action on the pit lane to watch. You'll see that the atmosphere of this place will give you goose pimples. Of course, you'll also enjoy a direct view of the podium. 

Grandstand C1

On the Circuito de Jerez, the first corner is notorious for a number of incidents. Here, Valentino Rossi hit Casey Stoner in 2011, sparking a definitive grudge between the two riders. The part of the grandstand's view is on the start straight. The sight of motorbikes coming straight at you is breathtaking. 

Grandstand C2

This grandstand is connected to grandstand C1. In comparison to C2, it offers a worse view of the old straight; on the other hand, the narrowing safety zone allows spectators to be closer to the track and the drivers.

Grandstand J4

This grandstand follows the popular C2 and offers an expansive view of both sides. It's located at the end of the finishing straight to the left of the C2 grandstand and has a wide view from the first turn to the Michelin turn. The track rises slightly here, so you can see other more distant sections of the track from the top of the grandstand.

Grandstand M6

The M6 grandstand lies on the approach to the Michelin curve. The first corner is a lottery -this is where the drivers' skill is always on full display. The perfect place to watch the precision braking and, from part of the grandstand, the exit to the next section of the track. 

Grandstand T8

This small grandstand is at the Michelin curve. Here you can enjoy the view of the riders who are precisely turning a long and steep corner. Especially during the duels and group rides, it's an attractive spectacle. 

Grandstand R9

This is one of the favourite stands at the Circuito de Jerez! Right in front of your eyes, you will see the entrance to the Dani Pedrosa (formerly Dry Sack) corner. Here the riders brake hard from the second-longest straight on the track into one of the slowest corners. It's the perfect place for overtaking manoeuvres. From the grandstand, you will also view the next section in the Jorge Martinez "Aspar" corner. 

Grandstand Q5

The grandstand offers a great view of the straight before the entrance to the Ángel Nieto corner, followed by Peluquiy and the straight to the high-speed Ferrari corner. In the comfort of the seated grandstand, you can enjoy the atmosphere of cheering to the fullest - the grandstand is in the middle of one of the two general admission / pelouse zones.

Grandstand S5

Grandstand S5 is located at the Michelin corner. From the grandstand, you can see a part of the previous straight and then the approach to the Michelin corner, which offers good overtaking opportunities. The entry to the subsequent fast left-hander is also visible from the site.

General Admission / Pelouse

A ticket to the natural grandstands gives you access to two zones. The larger one is located between the Michelin and Sito Pons corners, while the smaller one is along the last sector of the track around the Ángel Nieto and Peluqui corners. For a very reasonable price, you can enjoy the unforgettable cheering atmosphere at one of the most attended MotoGP races on the calendar. Just arrive early in the morning; the best seats are usually taken after the circuit opens. 

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